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Cat Troubles Posting

Darned Near Impossible…

To Write with a 19 pound cat wanting to cuddle on your lap.

Gavin decided that he either wanted to be on my lap or force me to give up and go to bed. All 19 plus pounds of the big lug. So here are two pictures I managed to get of him in the middle of his cuddle campaign.

As I type this now, he is making rude bathing noises under my chair. Maybe it is time to go to bed and let the cat win.


  • Cora

    Our fur-babies are great, aren’t they? I manage to get quite a few steps onto my Fitbit while I’m writing. I get up to go and let the dogs out…..then I get up to let the dogs in…….then the evil squirrel attracts them and I have to get up and let them out again….and the cycle continues.

  • Dayle

    I see your single 19-lb cat and raise you two ginger boys who together weigh more than 19 lbs, one of whom insisted on being on my lap and the other who insisted upon behind held in my arms so he could smash his face repeatedly into mine.

  • Annie Reed

    Awww… that second picture? My 13 1/2 pound cat does that frequently. I can edit with one hand and hold him with one hand, but frequently after he cuddles in like that, we both take a nap in my office chair.