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Classic Workshops

And Two December Specials!!!

All seven of the new classic workshops are now up and available.

Classic workshops are workshops that have been moved from regular workshops to make more room and are half the original price ($150). But you do not turn in the assignments, just do them for yourself at your own pace.

We now have 29 Classic Workshops available.

And seven of them are newly in Classic status. So, for only the month of December, we put all seven in a bundle and reduced the price. You can still buy them one-at-a-time on Teachable for $150 each. But you can also get all seven in a bundle, but only for the month of December. Then the bundle goes away.

CLASSIC BUNDLE includes the following seven new classic workshops:

Author Voice
Novel Structure
Point of View
Character Development
Writing Westerns
Writing Time Travel

The cost for the bundle is $700. But if you have already taken one or two or more of the workshops when they were in regular form, there is a code on the introduction to the workshop to get $100 or $200 off that price.

Get everything on Teachable.

LIFETIME WORKSHOP SUBSCRIBERS will have the bundles put into their subscription and they will remain there even after December.


We noticed that we now have six different genre writing Classic Workshops, so for the month of December only, we put them into a bundle as well.

GENRE CLASSIC BUNDLE includes the following six classic workshops.

Writing Westerns
Writing Time Travel
Writing Science Fiction
Writing Mystery
Writing Fantasy
Writing Thrillers

So if you are interested in writing any or all of the genres, for the month of December only you can get the six genre workshops in a bundle. The cost is $600, but if you have taken one or more of the workshops already, there is a code in the description to get $100 off.

Two December specials. And once you have them on your Teachable dashboard, you can study them for years to come. But the offer to get the bundle will only last until the end of December.

Don’t miss this special.

(And if you want both, just use the code that gets you each bundle for $500 per bundle. That way you get 11 different Classic Workshops for $1,000.)

Get any workshop or these bundles on Teachable. Just hit “see all courses” to find all workshops and lectures available.



  • Harvey Stanbrough

    This is a truly great announcement re the bundles and an excellent value. Of course, you know that. Anyway, I shared it widely, and of course enthused over how far I’ve come due to your excellent instruction. Noted (surprised) there were no comments here, so I thought I’d toss in my two cents. Keep up the great work, Dean (and Kris).