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    Might Have Heard Him On a Teaching Video… When a younger cat, he used to go around just making cheeping sounds to himself, thus the name. As he got older, he lost his hearing and the cheeping sounds got very, very loud. And he liked to make sure everyone knew when he arrived at a certain location in the condo. Some of you who have been reading this daily blog long enough remember when I made the run from Lincoln City, Oregon to Sacramento, California and back to rescue him from a hoarding situation. For years he was our indoor feral. Then when we moved to Vegas he started liking…

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    Holiday and a Cat

    Figured It Had Been a While… So tonight, a picture of the cat (Angel) who spends a lot of time on my lap watching my screen as I do posts. We put up one of three trees and Angel claimed it. It is now very festive around here. A cat and a Christmas tree. What more can you want out of a blog?  

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    Quick Post With a Cat

    Angel is Doing Laps… She is running from one end of the condo to the other right now, growling and chasing some unseen thing, sliding around corners on the hardwood floors. The two boys in promotion central are not going to know what hit them after Angel and both boys move up to a new condo together later in the week.  Could really be fun to watch and I am sure Kris will have some stories in her posts on Facebook. I am just going to post a couple pictures of her tonight because I have some other stuff to do and I need a blog post here to keep…

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    Cat Troubles Posting

    Darned Near Impossible… To Write with a 19 pound cat wanting to cuddle on your lap. Gavin decided that he either wanted to be on my lap or force me to give up and go to bed. All 19 plus pounds of the big lug. So here are two pictures I managed to get of him in the middle of his cuddle campaign. As I type this now, he is making rude bathing noises under my chair. Maybe it is time to go to bed and let the cat win.

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    Running Early

    So No Time for Anything Tonight… Other than trying to type this to hit my daily blog streak with a 19 pound cat on my lap wanting attention. It is rare that he does this, rare like in never, so I am making due. But he is a flopper and a shover and my lap is just not that big anymore. Pictures of Gavin on my lap as I tried to type this…