70 Book Challenge,  Challenge

Thank You!

For All The Congratulations and Well Wishes…

I am going to spend some blogs over the next few weeks talking about segments of the challenge from last year and my thinking on them.

Down into the details on how much time and effort I spent on each of the 70 books. And how much WMG did. And I got a few other things planned with the challenge and then I will announce next year’s challenge, not from Birthday to Birthday like this one was, but for the 2022 year.

So the post yesterday was like the opening chapter in a book about how to do this sort of craziness. I do have a challenge people can sign up for to publish one thing a month for a year. That’s a fun challenge that very few have tried. Far more have tried writing a story per week for a year than publishing one thing a month or 12 books a year.

So more posts about the challenge coming up, digging down into the thinking, into how much money these books will make, and so on.

Right now the conference 20books is going on here. Had a wonderful dinner with some close friends tonight, some of them in town for the conference. I just find it kind of ironic that the focus/name of the conference is on 20 books and I just finished 70 books in one year as the conference started. Great fun.

Thanks again for the kind thoughts and wishes. Onward.