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Another Way-Back Post

Just For Fun…

This is a picture taken by photographer Beth Gwinn of a large group of writers and editors at Westercon in 2000 or 2001. Not sure. About twenty years ago. Looks like some sort of Locus Award ceremony.

Sadly, a lot of the people in this picture are now no longer with us.

And I suck at names, so I am going to miss a few. Very sorry about that.

Starting on the right and going left is Kristine Rusch, Gardner Dozois, Connie Willis, Lucus Shephard, Ursula LeGuin, Tim Powers, Mark Kelly, Steve Barnes, Jacob Weisman, Beth Meachem, Tom Dohorety, Charles Brown, Nina Hoffman, and Janice Gelb.

Thanks for the help in the comments remembering the other two names I could not remember. Appreciate it! I have fixed it.

Gardner, Lucus, Ursula, and Charles are gone. But this was an amazing group of writers and editors of the time.

Enjoy an amazing look at the professionals of twenty years ago.


  • James Mendur

    My google-gu found a similar photo with names and attribution here:

    Left to right: Janice Gelb (accepting for George R.R. Martin); Nina Kiriki Hoffman (accepting for F&SF); Charles Brown (accepting for Stephen King); Tom Doherty; Beth Meacham (accepting for Tor); Jacob Weisman (accepting for Michael Swanwick); Steve Barnes (accepting for Larry Niven); Mark Kelly (accepting for Cathy & Arnie Fenner); Ursula K. Le Guin; Tim Powers (accepting for Bob Eggleton); Lucius Shepard; Connie Willis (Toastmaster); Gardner Dozois; Kristine Kathryn Rusch (accepting for Geoffrey Landis); photo by Beth Gwinn