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Aces Game Two of the Finals…

A Superteam in Action…

The Liberty are a great team, zero doubt, but the Aces are one of those once-in-a-generation teams and wow are they fun to watch in THE HOUSE. That’s what they call their stadium and it was packed, full sell-out, and more screaming and shouting and cheering than I have ever heard.

Game started at 6 pm and at one point in the first quarter the Aces were up by 30 points. First quarter… That was fantastic fun with the crowd. Maybe the best quarter of basketball I have ever watched in my lifetime.

Liberty made a show of a run in the second quarter and then in the third it was all over. Aces went back up over 30 points.

A highlight for me wasn’t on the basketball court. My seat was right at the top of a very steep flight of stairs, my back against a wall, and below me a 5o year old or so woman with a late-twenty’s woman were helping an elderly lady climb this steep flight of stairs.

The elderly woman wanted to watch the woman play basketball in person at the age of 98. Not kidding.  That 98-year-old-woman climbed a flight of stairs that is so steep and long it bothers young people.

I helped where I could and I thought they had left at one point at half, but they came back and the woman climbed those stairs again to watch the second half. And near the end when her granddaughter and great granddaughter wanted them to leave to beat the crowds, she didn’t want to. She was enjoying the game and the crowds and all the cheering.

Born in 1925. Wow, what she has seen in her life, including watching a woman’s basketball team pack a large stadium full of cheering people.  And all around her were young girls, a lot of them under ten, wearing team shirts and cheering harder than anyone for their favorite players.

Sometimes I just really love this new world. At least parts of it.

I plan on still writing at 98. Not so sure about climbing steep stadium stairs to watch a game. But we shall see. I got 25 years to stay in shape.

Picture One… Pregame pictures of Me and Kris and Ron and Lisa.

Picture two of me and Kris

Dark last picture of the 98 year old woman watching the game.