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Eleven New Kickstarter Writer Campaigns…

The Most Ever in a Week!!

I think October brings out the fun of Kickstarters. Wonder if Kickstarter has data on that.

All of these are by members of the Kickstarter Best Practices class on Teachable. It is free and I have sent this blog to all 1,500 plus members as well as posted them on the class itself.

I talk about the good parts of each campaign and if I see a problem, I say that as well. The idea is to learn and keep going. So these campaigns are great to study if you are thinking of trying one yourself.

And even more important, back the ones you think would be good reading. Some great writers this week.

So here is the list with links. Enjoy…

Millersburg Magick Mysteries by Suzan Harden. Might be the most cute campaign of this bunch, with cat familiars telling the story and mysteries solved by witches. Great fun all the way. And great writing. This one is worth backing, folks, if you like mystery mixed in with your fantasy. And cats. Can’t go wrong with cats. Only six days left so don’t delay on this one.

The Soul Forge by Leslie Claire Walker. This is a really nice campaign for a six book fantasy series by a great up-and-coming writer. The art is great, everything is clearly explained. Really worth studying and backing. Only a week left so don’t delay.

Magic, Mystery, Romance, & Recipes by Lorri Moulton. This is a series of fantasy novels set in the San Juan Islands. Very clear campaign, good awards, looks like fun books all the way. And a fun magic from what I understand. So worth studying and backing this one. Especially if you want a full recipe book of San Juan food. Only seven days left.

Jewel Midlife Magic by Bonnie Elizabeth Koenig. This is for a trilogy with fantastic covers. Wow. Campaign is really clear and well-done and worth studying. And Bonnie is a great writer and these are worth reading. Only seven days left… Don’t delay.

Granny Witches by Barb G. Barb calls this “Baby Boomer Witches on the Loose.” Sounds like fun, actually, if I read witch stories. Only problem is that there are only two rewards. There are other books from this prolific author as add-ons, and I know for a fact she could have added twenty more books that were same genre, but they should have been awards, so this will have issues funding I’m afraid. Folks, always make sure you have at least ten rewards with choice for the backers. (not add-ons) I even asked if there were more rewards when I looked at it before launch. Oops..

The Water Witch Mysteries by Leah. This is a paranormal women’s fiction cozy mystery series. That’s what Leah called it and the art is fantastic, everything professional. This is a series with great rewards and stretch goals. Really a great one to study and if you like cozy mystery with magic, these are the books for you. Back this.

Rise to Power by Connor Whiteley. This is a fantasy campaign for the first book in a new series. This is an extremely well done campaign, with great rewards, lots of choices for backers and even some fun merchandise. This is a campaign to study all the way and back it as well. Great writer.

52 Stories in 2023 by Michael Kingswood. This is for the fourth volume of stories. Michael has been trying a really fun experiment. As he finishes a story per week pace fpr 2023 he does a Kickstarter campaign. Small one, sure, but they are adding up since his first three were successful and this has already funded. He is keeping it basic and clear and now you can get this fourth book plus the first three. I wasn’t sure this would work when he started, but it has. Might want to jump onto the wagon by backing this and study and watch this one.

The Horror Lite Series by Angelique Fawns. The author is a television writer and this campaign has all sorts of fun stuff with it. And she has sold a lot of stories, and she wants to keep horror reading light. So these are collections with maybe an invited writer or two. As I said, fun stuff.

An Audio Book for the Brisling Code by Janet Oakley. This is a historical war novel set in occupied Norway in 1942. This is not the first in this series but they seem to all stand alone just fine. This has good awards and other books, so even if you are not a fan of audio books, you can get some of her great writing. Problem is audio focused Kickstarters almost never work. So much better to have just made this about the book and offered audio books as an award, but most readers with that title on this campaign will sadly just skip right over it and miss something good. But there is still time to go back this and prove me wrong. Please do.

You Are the Spell by T. Thorn Coyle. This is not fiction, but clearly could be used by fiction writers and T. Thorn Coyle is a member here and has done a number of great fiction campaigns. This is super well done and could be used for study for your own campaign. Here is how she described this book… “A Meditation Book and Oracle Deck for dreamers and builders, manifestors and magic makers.”