Challenges and Other Stuff

Two Weeks Into the Writing Challenge…

Those who jumped into the full challenge or the half challenge can see where I am at to the right of this post. As expected, a little slow start for me, but still rebuilding habits lost over the six months of bad eyes, and also had a lot of things to finish up these last two weeks. So pretty happy with the number.

So now, it picks up speed some over the next few weeks.

I also really changed a ton of other things, like eating habits and exercise. I got a lot of weight to lose as the writing speed increases. (I might even have more energy if the weight drops off.)

So building new eating habits, regaining old writing habits, and starting new exercise habits, all at the same time. I tend to never do anything sanely. (grin)

I do have videos posted on both writing challenges, by the way. I will do that weekly.

Case Card Kickstarter

It’s doing really well and approaching the third stretch reward with 12 days left. So I will be adding more stretch goals in the next day or so.

And those two special workshops are going to be so much fun.

Check it out. And get the newest Cold Poker Gang novel. They all stand alone and this book would be a great one to start with if you haven’t read any of the series.

And below is the video from the Kickstarter. Forgot I hadn’t posted it here. (Might have to click twice to get it playing.)