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1st Post… 9th Year

Going to Keep Going… Daily…

See no reason to stop the blog streak now. But since my focus is changing some this year because of my upcoming 70th birthday this fall, I think I will add in the exercise part of things here at times.

And maybe a little more on the writing updates. For example, I have a story to do tomorrow, two introductions to different book projects, and then two more stories to write. Then I will fire back on the Cave Creek novel and finish it. So writing is fun and jammed at the moment.

The exercise, on my schedule, was to really ramp up today, August 1st, but the office move sat that back a week or so. But today I did four miles walking, tomorrow I will do five miles (10,000 steps) and then six miles on Monday which was where I was at before the trip north.

A number of years back I topped out at 267 pounds before finally starting to turn that around. I am now down 77 pounds over the last three years, at times like a bad carnival ride, up and down. Goal is to hit 167 in the next year. Possible.

Here is a picture of me at 267 at my writing computer in my office on the coast. The painting is the original oil painting by Barkley Shaw of my first novel. (It now hangs in the entrance to our condo.)

Losing weight is never a good enough goal, however, at least for me. It has to be part of something else.

So way back when I was thirty years old, I ran a marathon to drop weight after my first year of law school. I was at the 260 pounds in law school as well. So used the idea of running a marathon to force me to drop the weight, which I then put back on over the next thirty years.

So if Covid gets under control, I’m going to try for a marathon in my 70th year on the planet to drop that last 23 pounds. I ran/walked two half marathons last year.

But right now it is stupidly hot here, so no going outside, and my fear of the gyms with running tracks is keeping me away at the moment.  So I went and forced my own hand, as they say in cards.

I signed up for a local running group. The local running group meets every Sunday (at dawn staring at the end of August) and does a 12 mile course. Just under a half marathon, every Sunday. Okay, that’s nuts. But it has me motivated.  Not being the last one to finish every Sunday is a hell of a motivator for an old jock like me. So the goal is to drop eight pounds by the first Sunday and be doing at least six or seven miles a day in run/walking by then as well.

So first post of the 9th year had both some writing and exercising.

Also, don’t forget that the Diving Kickstarter is going on. It just went past its second stretch goal, so pass the word. Check it out here to get a copy of Kris’s new Diving Universe novels.


  • Mark Kuhn

    That’s a really nice set up you have, Dean. Can’t really see the chair you’re sitting on but I’m sure it’s a good one.

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, it was a nice office. My office here is even niftier, actually. Not as many white boards, though.

  • Gordon Horne

    I gained 20lbs in a month at the beginning of lockdown. I decided that couldn’t continue, so I started writing down whenever I ate something. My biggest problem is eating without thinking about it. I lost 20lbs the next month. Easy as my body wasn’t yet used to the weight. The next 20lbs I’ve been carrying around for years and took three months. I’m going to keep going, just writing down what I eat and taking a walk to nowhere everyday since I’ve lost my walk to and from work. My total goal is to lose 100lbs from the silly peak. I’m close to 50.

  • Jason M

    I managed to stay about the same weight all the way through lockdown – with almost no exercise – just by cutting out a meal a day.
    Big breakfast at 11 am (protein and fat), big dinner at 7 pm (more protein, plus vegetables).
    That’s it.
    Good health is mostly diet.
    Let’s not complicate things.