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August Workshops Starting Up

On Tuesday and Wednesday…

Yes, we made it through July of 2020, sort of… Now comes August.

And this month started with the wonderful return of the astronauts from the space station. I watched every minute of that prepared to swear at 2020 if anything went wrong. Thankfully, it was wonderful.

So maybe August won’t entirely suck. Maybe. At least it started decent, unlike most months this year. I’ll take what I can get at this point.

August regular workshops are starting up, including the first time through of the new Kickstarter Details Workshop. First week will be a lot of general stuff, then down into the really nitty details to help anyone through a first one.

And right now I know three authors who are starting up new campaigns in the next week or so that will be really nifty.

And, of course, The Return of Boss Kickstarter Campaign is just starting and doing great, already to its second stretch goal and climbing. And we hope this week to add in some new stuff, including some add-ons with the novellas, all 15 of them. Plus something really, really special if we can get the details worked out. Stay tuned and help us pass the word. From here on out, the stretch rewards get really amazing.

And speaking of workshops, a reminder that the only place you will ever be able to sign up for the special workshop on Writing Space Opera that Kris and I have put together is through this Kickstarter campaign. It is a three week special workshop and you can take it in September or October.

So here is the list of the workshops starting this week. Hope you decide to join the fun and learning.

Class #11… Aug 4th … Endings in Fiction
Class #12… Aug 4th … Attitude in Fiction
Class #13… Aug 4th … Publishing 101
Class #14… Aug 4th … Writing with Speed
Class #15… Aug 4th … Teams in Fiction
Class #16… Aug 5th … Depth in Writing
Class #17… Aug 5th … Kickstarter Details
Class #18… Aug 5th … Licensing 101
Class #19… Aug 5th … Information Flow
Class #20… Aug 5th … Killing Critical Voice


  • Mark Kuhn

    When I was a kid, the space program was the single most important thing.
    I used to have those balsa wood gliders and I wrote astronauts names on them.
    Apollo 13 was the lowest point in my life at the time. I was glued to the TV waiting for Walter Cronkite to tell me the latest. I remember a critical burn they had to make on the far side of the Moon. I held my breath until radio communications were restored when they emerged from behind the Moon and reported everything went “a-okay” (remember that phrase?).
    Then Apollo 13 went silent during re-entry, which was normal. Experts speaking to Walter Cronkite during this time were concerned that the heat shield may have been damaged in the explosion.
    I cried my eyes out when those huge parachutes unfurled back then and gently placed Apollo 13 into the water.
    With everything going wrong in 2020, I’m happy to report I cried my eyes out yesterday when the Dragon came home safely.