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Writing for the Anthology Workshop…

I Got a Question…

Someone wanted to know why it would be worth while to spend $150 to try to write for an anthology.

I realized with that question that I was not clear on what each of those classes that go with the Anthology Workshop were. You are not paying to write for an anthology, the classes are a CLASS for learning. And we are doing them to help the writers who are attending in person. We just decided to open them up because we thought it would be fun.

Not only will each class have a short Zoom from the editor, but there will be 10-12 videos talking about how to write to a topic and a certain genre and what is needed for each genre. These are similar to the Pop-Up focused topic learning on Teachable for the same price and the same number of videos.

The only difference is here, if the writer wants, they can try to take the knowledge they learned in the class about that topic and genre and write a short story for a paying anthology.

But if you are thinking of taking it just for the writing, don’t bother. Take it to learn how to write to a certain topic in a certain genre. Then write the story for fun.

Take a look at the six classes on

I can promise this, they will be fun and full of a lot of learning.

And by the way, I will also be looking at the stories for possible Pulphouse submissions if the editors pass.


  • Kate Pavelle

    Hi Dean, it’s nice to see the anthology workshop open up! In the past, the other draw was reading the submissions like an editor, and later seeing the anthology editors comment on the stories and even argue about them. Will this aslect of the workshop be available for remote participants? Thanks.

  • Anthea Sharp

    I think the other huge part of these classes is the opportunity to write to deadline and under pressure. You have ONE WEEK per story. You won’t know what the exact call entails until the clock starts ticking. Can you turn out a pro-level story that fits the guidelines within that time period? Can you do it once? How about for all six? There will be dozens of other writers on the same challenge. Can you feel the collective energy? 🙂

    Bonus: you’ll get your story (or stories) in front of the editors, with a chance of selling to an anthology or Pulphouse. Worst case, you’ll learn what your limitations are, and hopefully you’ll end up with at least one new story to do with as you please.

    • dwsmith

      Exactly, Anthea. And the ten-twelve teaching videos per book, new this year and free to all attending the Anthology Workshop, will help bring the bar up even more. With luck less “low hanging fruit” than previous years. By the way, the last time we did an anthology workshop was 2020 in February.

  • Emilia

    Will the 10-12 lectures on writing be available to buy after the workshop? I’ve been looking for classes in specific genres and I’d buy the classes in a heartbeat when I can afford to.

    I want to attend one, but I’ve only read one in specific genre so far, so I’m not the most confident about ability to write a good story in said genre.

  • Rob Slater

    Dean, Anthea,
    You two are wicked. I know you know that. I know you relish it.

    I am sitting here finishing a story to submit to Dean and Kris for the novella marketing class and my g-d’d e-mail pops up with this distraction as I’m searching for the best ways to say or imply illegitamate in Italian…

    Gotta go. Words to write.

  • Sheila

    I generally hate deadlines and can’t really write with one, except for the anthologies I was lucky enough to be in. For some reason, having the theme and the time limit seemed to trigger my brain and off I went. Maybe it’s like when I was in school and had assignments due. I did the research first, got the subject working in my head, and the night before I’d sit down and write. Always got top grades, too. In college I did one essay the hour before the class, got an A+ and some great notes from the instructor.

    If only I could trick my brain to do that now. Maybe I’ll see if this course runs next year, and try it out.

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