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2nd Day Licensing Expo…

As Normal, I Am Exhausted…

And my shoulder is not up for this kind of grind. But tomorrow is the third and last day and I will be there focusing down on products to give everyone some ideas for their own Shopify stores. First two days was a very unsuccessful attempt by me and Kris to see even two-thirds of the entire conference.

I will get to more of it tomorrow, but still won’t come close to even walking past every booth. Just stunning amounts of really cool stuff.

Attending the 2024 Licensing Expo with Kris and Dean on WMG Teachable is where we are posting all the videos.

We also had three great meetings today. One over lunch with Loren Coleman where he and Kris brainstormed out the anthology they will be co-editing for in the Anthology workshop. Military Science Fiction. That was fun to be a part of.

Then we had a meeting an hour later with a start-up firm that we thought going in would be ten minutes and a waste of our time. Wow were we wrong.  All kinds of cool stuff might be coming from that. And then we met with the Licensing Expo people who put this monster on to give them feedback on how to maybe get up a publishing section. Shrug… I would not hold my breath.

But the Edgar Rice Burroughs company was there with a nice booth and doing great business.

So exhausted. Back tomorrow for as long as my feet and my shoulder will last.


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