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Can’t Make the Anthology Workshop in Vegas?

Now You Can Write for the Same Anthologies…

And be under the same deadlines and be edited by the same editors as those attending the Anthology Workshop.

And possibly be bought for the same anthologies.

Granted, you and your stories will not be part of the fun here in Vegas to watch eight editors talk about your story and argue over it. And all the evening networking and so much more. The editors will contact you about your story after the workshop is over.

But now you get the chance to learn some about writing for anthologies and also write for the anthologies in what we are calling PREPARE AHEAD classes.

Those attending the anthology workshop will get all these without charge.

These are on WMGThe Writer Store

They are not part of any lifetime subscription because they are part of the anthology in-person class and not on Teachable.

These will be released to everyone, those attending and those not attending, at the same time, on the day the writing for each anthology starts.

Each Prepare Ahead class will  have a short zoom meeting with each editor talking about what they want and don’t want. There will be ten videos about writing for that genre and to topic. And the guidelines will be there as well as the rest of the details.

Six stories in six weeks.

All of those attending will be going for writing all six. We have given a discount bundle if not attending and want to try to write for all six. Could be a great exercise since there is such a wide range of topics. Challenge yourself.

Writing for the first anthology starts June 2nd and goes one anthology per week for six weeks, six anthologies.

Check it out on WMG Writer Store.



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