Writing and Reading…

So No Real Blog Tonight…

Although at some point I will get back to the non-fiction book I started here in this blog. But tonight I am working on a novelette that I need to finish and also reading Kris’s first full Fey novel in over twenty years.

And yes, it is stunningly good.

So besides my own writing, reading is taking my attention for some unknown reason. (grin)

And with luck, we may even have a Seeders Universe Kickstarter campaign to launch tomorrow.

And AGAINST TIME, the actual first book in the Seeders Universe had a Bookbub yesterday and is still free on Amazon if you want to grab it. It did very well, and the Kickstarter will have the full set of Seeders Books, plus the new book and some fantastic workshops and extra rewards as well. You know, one of our normal Kickstarter campaigns.

So now, for me, back to reading the new novel set in the Fey Universe.

I know, tough, tough life.


    • dwsmith

      About 9,000 words. It’s a dumb term, actually, but since I am writing sf, the sf world uses it. Novella is 15,000 to 30,000 words. Short novel is 30,000 to 40,000. Novel is above 40,000 words.