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Really, Really Cool Storybundle…

With some fantastic science fiction books by great writers.

I got to curate this and I even mentioned it here when I was looking for books. Fun putting it together.

Following is my blog about it. I hope you grab a bundle for some great reading.


One thing science fiction fans think about when you say “Aliens Among Us” is aliens like body snatchers, or Grays flitting around Area 51. None of that in this group of great novels and stories. Just great books with great takes on aliens.

And the title of this bundle comes from a Pulphouse Fiction Magazine anthology of ten short stories by ten different authors of very, very twisted and strange alien stories.

So ten novels and a collection and an anthology. I can say this: That’s a lot of entertaining aliens of just about all types. And all worth reading about.

I would suggest you start off with Robin Brande’s three book Dove Season Bundle. That’s right, three novels in one book. Basically X-Files meets the X-Men and this bundle of three books is exclusive only to this Storybundle. As Robin says, “These three books will take you on an unforgettable journey – both here on our home planet and to the galaxies beyond.”

Again, the Dove Season Bundle is exclusive to this Storybundle.

Next, bestselling writer Cameron Cooper gives the bundle Galactic Thunder,  the very first book in his new space opera series Iron Hammer. The series is a spin-off of his acclaimed Imperial Hammer series. In this book, the crew learn that humans may not be alone in the galaxy. Super fun space-opera read.

Rebecca M. Senese takes readers on a ride to stop an alien murderer in The Soul Within.  The thriller search threatens the entire planet and the great writing and characters makes it almost impossible to put down.

In Azureseas: Cantrell’s War, Raymund Eich takes us all to a tourist world with only one problem: Large, dangerous native animals that turn out to be sentient. Great characters and a fast-moving plot makes this alien’s book a must read.

In this short novel, Restricted Species, Kari Kilgore takes us to a xeno-farming planet. Amazing how many things can go wrong on a simple farming planet when aliens get into the mix. And Kari keeps us reading right to the last detail.

In The All’e Mutation, award-winning writer Marcelle Dube gives us an amazing place in Canada set in 1912 when an alien ship crashes and the humans and the aliens must learn to work and live together. This book gets you thinking almost from page one and won’t let you put it down. Stunning story.

As only New York Times bestselling writer, Robert Jeschonek can do, Universal Language gives us a short, powerful novel about language and different alien speech. Robert actually sets up a “war of words” to decide language dominance. Stunningly entertaining, you will be glad you read it, just for the head-shaking realizations it shows about our own world.

New York Times bestselling writer, Kristine Kathryn Rusch offers up one of the most compelling of all alien novels with Alien Influences. Maybe the best novel about alien and human interaction ever done in science fiction. It will grip you. And you will not forget it, I promise.

I decided that after the ten great novels above, I needed to toss in Alien Vibrations, a six-story collection of mine all focused in different, very whacked out ways, on aliens.  And then for real spice to the mix, I added in Aliens Among Us, a ten-story anthology with ten great short story writers all focused in one fashion or another on aliens. The stories were all in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine in one issue or another. A really, really fun read.

I sure hope you like all twelve of these books in this bundle. I sure do. Get them all for one price and enjoy a few weeks of great science fiction reading.