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Including a ton of different workshop stuff, and with every award you get a copy of my new Seeders novel RESCUE TWO.

Rescue Two Kickstarter.

The two special workshops are on science fiction.

— WRITING IDEA FICTION Special Workshop. All the ins and outs of writing idea fiction and how to do it and how to come up with ideas. You can take it starting April 12 or May 3rd. And remember, this is the only place to get this workshop.

— WRITING ABOUT TIME Special Workshop. All the ins and outs of writing about time while in space and how to do it and how to decide to ignore it or use the differences of time. You can take the class starting April 12 or May 3rd. And remember, this is the only place to get this workshop.

And, of course, you can get them both at a discount.

Also, we have ten WORLD BUILDING Pop-Ups in the Stretch Rewards. And if we don’t hit all ten, we will post them live to buy.

And special this campaign, we have decided now that there are so many Pop-Ups to offer a Lifetime Subscription to Pop-Ups and for this campaign is is half price at $1,500. It will be $3,000 when we launch it in April and no, you can not get credit for any Pop-Ups you bought in the past. Right now there are over $10,000 in Pop-Ups and we plan on using Pop-Ups into the future, so that will go higher. This is a “Lifetime Subscription” so no discounts. Sorry. And the half price is this campaign. In April, it will be $3,000.

You can also get a subscription to Smith’s Monthly in this campaign and full runs of Thunder Mountain, and of course, full runs and signed limited edition of all Seeders. Fun campaign and will only last two weeks.

Rescue Two Kickstarter.  Check it out.


  • Mark Kuhn

    Looks awesome, Dean! And the incredible artwork reminds me of the work by British artist Chris Foss.

    • dwsmith

      Yeah, that artwork is stunning. We had him do it for every book so all the ships would look like Seeders ships. And also for the collection of Seeders stories. We got lucky being able to work with him and honestly, we have some other stuff planned with the series down the road, so the artwork will really help. First time we have promoted any Seeders books and did a Bookbub on one yesterday that is doing great, so fun to see people reading the Seeders.

  • Erica

    I was literally watching for this to go live all day. The special mystery kickstarter workshops are so great – and I was so amazed at all the pop-ups that came with the stretch goals – that I can’t wait to take the special workshops for this one.

    I’ve also read some of the Seeders shorts and novels out of order and am super-excited to see these nice new covers. I loved the video about the overall vision for the series and am looking forward to Rescue Two!

    • dwsmith

      Thanks!! I love all the World Building Pop-Ups as well. Those are going to be really fun to do.