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Wow… SF Wins Oscars

What a Stunner…

As a sf writer, I have been watching for years and years and decades for a science fiction movie to get some attention at the Oscars. Nope, never happened.

Kris loves to watch the Oscars, so I went downstairs on a break to watch the end and a sf movie had already won best supporting actress with Jamie Lee Curtis, and best supporting actor. And then while I was watching, the sf movie won best script, best director, best actress, and then best picture.

And Brandon Fraser won best actor.

We really are in an alternate reality. Or a multiverse.

I write an entire series of time travel historical called the THUNDER MOUNTAIN series. They are all multiverse books MELODY RIDGE cover image is at the top of this blog, actually, and is one of the best Thunder Mountain novels. Kris has a fantastic multiverse novel called SNIPERS.

A fun night for science fiction.

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  • T Thorn Coyle

    I don’t watch the Oscars but, Everything Everywhere All At Once is a fantastic film. One of the best in recent years, IMO. I truly loved it. And Michelle Yeoh is astonishing and deserves the recognition she’s finally getting. All the actors were superb.