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Saturday Night Filler

Giving Myself a Rest…

Yeah, I know. Shocking for a person who basically works from morning to late at night seven days a week all year. But just completed a ton of projects, starting a few others, so figured I would just give myself a day. I sort of got the hint when I took a second nap that I might need some down time.

You think? (grin)

  • So last day of the special blog workshop sale.
  • All March workshops have started
  • On Tuesday the two special workshops will start. I should have email to everyone on Monday on those. Still haven’t gotten all the information from Kickstarter on that, so a close turn.

So now the television downstairs calls to me. I am on a kick watching old Cold Case series shows. It has a good team. Kris and I almost wrote some novels for that series, but the producer turned out to be a dick, so we got out while the getting was good. But I still like the show considering I write cold case novels in my Cold Poker Gang series.

You like mystery and want to grab the first Cold Poker Gang novel KILL GAME (You can read them in any order, but the first one sets up a lot of stuff), just go to

Kill Game: A Cold Poker Gang Novel by Dean Wesley Smith

Right now it is on sale and even more scary, it says it has over 1,300 five star ratings on Amazon. Guess some people liked it. (grin)