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Not Enough Hours

We All Have Those Kinds of Days…

No matter how we try, there is just not enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. In the old days, I would just short myself on sleep, but not these days. I think I burnt out that ability somewhere in my early sixties.

So Advanced Character Development is a Tuesday Class, and responses and the new week will be posted on Tuesday. Late Tuesday, so many of you will already be in bed when that happens. Don’t write me. Just shows me you don’t read this. (grin)

Today (which is now Tuesday), Kris and I run screaming (metaphorically) from our condo when the cleaning folks show up. But we got a fun restaurant we want to try, and some errands we have been meaning to do, so that will make up for the three hours lost from the middle of our day.

And we both love to have this place cleaned every month. We are not slobs by any stretch, but professional cleaning people somehow make things sparkle. Someday I might actually let them into my office. Just not today.

So the new special classes from the Diving Kickstarter have started and if you signed up for that and didn’t get my email, look in your spam filter and in your Kickstarter account and if you still can’t find it, write me.

I am still kind of amazed that a science fiction movie swept all the Oscars. That will take some time before I either wake up or switch back to the old universe. But I really love that a sf movie won in this new universe we find ourselves in today. So I don’t want to go back or wake up.

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