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Working All Evening On Lectures

Took a While…

On Monday I am doing two lectures, one on corporations for writers and one on IP Valuation and Copyright Termination Clause. Great fun for me.

I love reading about copyright and studying copyright. Why wouldn’t I? It’s how I make my living. So tonight I got deep into the Google of articles on those topics (and others, of course, when Google is at play.) I already had my lectures pretty set, just wanted to play more. (grin)

Should be a fun few hours for at least me. Not sure how the poor folks who will be listening will take it. (grin)

What is a Copyright Termination Clause?

For those of you who don’t know, in the US we can file for termination of grants of rights at a certain point. So the writers who sold all rights to their books can get them back at some point. Nifty provision only in US copyright law.

35 to 40 years after grant (contract). I can give notice anywhere from 2 years to 10 years before the termination date I set.

The first novel I want to get back is a work for hire novel I sold in 1991. So say I set the termination date exactly at 35 years, that is 2026 termination.  I can file notice on that book now because I am inside the 2 to 10 year window. I’m going to wait until another fifteen or twenty novels are in the range of notice and then hit them all at once. Should be a blast. Cost me some legal fees, but what the hell.

This is part of the Magic Bakery, for those of you who read that series of blogs or book. I get to go out and get the stuff I sold out of my bakery all those years ago and bring it back inside and put it up for sale. Or at least have the publisher pay me for it again.

Do you own a copy of the Copyright Handbook from Nolo Press? If not, and you want to be a writer, why don’t you own that book? (Please don’t write me and tell me your lame excuse. I really don’t want to think less of you.)

Not knowing copyright for a writer is like saying you want to be an Olympic swimmer, but you can’t swim. Head-shaking to say the least.

Excuse me while I climb off my soapbox without twisting an ankle. Got kind of high there.