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The Dust is Settling…

It’s going to take one more week of fun stuff before everything returns to normal around here. But all fun and massive learning. Nothing stressful at all.

I have spent part of the evening reading short stories from the challenge going on. And also planning out a new challenge for myself for the coming year.

And part of the challenge is to do another short story month in November before turning back to novels and other projects. Also getting out Issue Zero of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine in November. Plus reading short stories coming in for the challenge. So going to be a really fun short-fiction month. I am really, really looking forward to it.

As far as the challenge I am going to do personally, I will announce it here before the first of the month. It is Kris’s idea and it is wilder than anything I have ever tried before, which means I love it. (grin) Not sure I can do it, but I love the idea.

November Workshops Update:

All the workshops have openings. I expect a bunch of supporters of the Kickstarter will sign up in November, but no workshop will fill. Anyone that is coming through the Kickstarter for a workshop is guaranteed to be in the workshop they want in November. No worry of it filling. I doubt if any will go over the five normal limit except the new one even with that.

So for November, no limits on the workshop sign-ups.

It will be right before the first before we can send out the surveys to the Kickstarter supporters. That’s one reason for this no-limits on the workshops in November. We don’t want anyone to miss a workshop they might want to take.

Speaking of workshops, I just made Expectations Classic workshop live on Teachable. And the Branding SF Covers workshop just started up if anyone wants to jump in at the last minute before I close it off.

Nifty New Bundle of Novels…

The Fear Bundle has some great novels in it. I feel really lucky to have snuck into this one with one my more twisted and sort of uggy Cold Poker Gang novels. It’s called Calling Dead. (That is a poker term, honest.) If you haven’t read that mystery series of mine, this one in the bundle would be a good one to start with.

And with the bundle you get a copy of the newest Fiction River volume edited by Mark Leslie called Feel the Fear. Trust me, that’s a great volume of stories you won’t soon forget.

And you get a Mark Leslie novel as well in the bundle.

Go to to grab a copy. This won’t last long.