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Smith’s Monthly Covers

Working On Four Issues at a Time…

And making great progress. First new issue will be out in March, #45 in the series, and after that one per month. Each one will be between 60,000 and 70,000 words of fiction.

In the next week or so I will have 4 issues done and in copyediting process. Tonight, besides putting issues together, I worked on the covers and such.

So thought I would show you some of them. They are trim size 7 x 10 and the black bar with the spine wraps to both the front and the back side.

First #45, both wrap and epub cover.

Then #46, #47, and #48 epub covers. Great fun.


  • BDS

    Very nice! I like how the black creates a subtle branding while still allowing you to use whatever images best suit the stories in the collection. Do you mind if I ask where you get your images? I tend to use Pixabay when designing muy own stuff, and used to buy images from Fotolia which i believe is now defunct.

    • dwsmith

      We get them from numbers of Royalty Free sites. We don’t use just one. Just google “Royalty Free” art and check out the terms of service. I think I got a couple of these images from and a couple from other places. All cost me about a buck each.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Dean, may I ask you how you handle the subscriptions? I looked at both PayHip and BookFunnel and didn’t see any built-in tools. I’d rather not delve into Patreon, since I have enough balls in the air right now. I can see doing Electronic… and using KDP print, I could possibly do paper as well, if I fill the order one reader at a time (change of address.) I’m looking for doing this without having to handle the magazines.

    • dwsmith

      We just have a spreadsheet system and at the moment we mail out the paper copies to subscribers. That will change. Not sure how yet, but it will change.

  • DS Butler

    I didn’t realise you’d written a Marble Grant novel! Fantastic.

    I miss the posts where you would mention the book you’re working on and how many words you got each day.