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I’m Still Up

Even Gavin Is Getting Annoyed At Me…

Just finishing up the last of the stories that came in for the anthology workshop coming in February. Now writers are reading.

A lot of reading.

Next year has a few people signed up for the 2021 Anthology workshop. Everyone thinks there is a lot of time. But the group list for that will start in about six months and the writing starts in November of this year. So write me if interested.

So I knew this night would be long. Turned out I was right.

But I kept up my 10,000 steps a day streak on the exercising and slowly getting back to more and more running. So good there.

And this blog keeps my 7.5 year blog streak going.

Fiction writing didn’t make much progress today, but will do more tomorrow. I got a cat novel to finish.

Now, before my cat Gavin bites my ankle, I think I will head towards some sleep.


  • Philip

    Great job with the walking streak. I have a second job as a waiter at night and this weekend I worked a double on Saturday and Sunday. I was stunned when my iPhone told me I walked 30,000 steps. For a fat guy like me, that’s monumental. Lol.

  • Joseph Bradshaw/Bradshire

    I have friends coming to next month’s workshop and I’m pumped to hear about it. I’m toying with the idea of making the drive from Eastern Oregon to see people in Vegas, but you’ll probably keep them mega busy. 🙂