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Update On Stuff

Odds and Ends From The Week…

First off, the workshop End of Summer half-price sale is still going on for just three more days. You can find all the information and the code at End of Summer Sale.

Don’t miss this one.


Surveys have gone out to all backers of the Return of Boss Kickstarter campaign. They went out through a company called CrowdOx, so check your spam filter. If you didn’t get one, they will try sending anyone who hasn’t replied another in a couple of days, so no worry.

Also, we now have a Late Backer Page set up. That’s right, if you missed The Return of Boss campaign, or missed getting something on that Kickstarter, you can now buy it. Same as Kickstarter was, including the stretch rewards. Not kidding. Just go HERE!

How fun is that?


Exercise update: Sucks. I made it out last Sunday to the running group I joined and did a nice four miles, no issue. But the problem was the hills and two days later, just as I was going to ramp up my distance to nine miles a day, I ended up with blisters on the bottom of both feet from those hills. Made nine miles the first day, but knew I needed to rest the feet.

So rested the last four stupidly hot days with three miles a day and now it is back in record heat and I’m not going out into that stuff, so trapped for a few more days. At least my feet will be healed up enough to get back to distance.

I might break down and try the gym tomorrow since even going out a dawn with the group will be too hot for me.

I have a distance I want to hit by October 27th, so might be ramping up to and average of ten miles a day for most of October to make up for this early injury and excessive heat. Should be able to do it fine. But a really sucky start.


Writing ramping back up as well. I have crawled out of bed now at 7 am for two weeks straight. Still painful, and naps are required, but as I get things cleared, I will be writing in the afternoon and early evenings. Did a complete short story today along with a ton of other stuff.

Goal is to have a bunch of the classes back on track by the end of next week, then in a week or so have the first week of the Collaboration class up on that. Then by next weekend finish the Shared World Cave Creek novel I have mostly done.

So I am excited about the writing. Still don’t like getting up that early though. I doubt I will ever get used to it.



  • richard schneck

    I would like to jump on this Sale, but the workshop that I want is not listed on teachable. I would like the “making money” workshop, which you have mentioned would be in October.

    Could I just get something else and then ask you to switch it over to that? Or will it be there before the sale ends?

    Yea. I just looked over on the side of this here blog and it’s there, but it’s not available on teachable. (Or, at least, I can’t find it)

  • Mark Kuhn

    I got really stuck on a story today. Tried the nap and other techniques from the Writer’s Block lecture, but nothing doing.
    So I went for a drive and spent the afternoon wandering around a cemetery. Searching and looking.
    I ended up leaving with nothing. So much for false advertising because the sign on the road said “Plots Available.”

  • Britt Malka

    Maybe you will get used to getting up early.

    I’ve been a night owl my whole life. Could easily stay up until 4-5 in the morning.

    Then eight years ago, we moved to this how. We have a view over the sea from here. I remember us being tired after moving and going to bed early.

    The next morning we got up early without any problems. And we’ve been doing it every since. Both of us. We both changed from being night people to morning people from one day to the next. We still don’t know why.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Ouch, Dean! Feet effing hurt – done that on a treadmill when I used to experiment with barefoot running. There was just too much friction-generated heat between my feet and the moving belt. I guess the shoes aren’t much different. BUT, not many people I know rest by doing “only 3 miles a day.” You’re kind of epic.
    As for the gym… since you are flexible on time, or more so than people working at set locations, how about asking when the gym is the emptiest, and work around that? You’re trying to work around the daytime temperature already, that might not be too bad a shift.

    I’m very excited about the Cave Creek and Collaborations coming up, since I’m in both. That will be so much fun!

  • Connor Caple

    I hate mornings. I’m only 60, but the concept of two 7 o’clocks in one day leaves me cold. Your running makes me feel tired, just hearing about it.
    I get my words done, it just takes longer these days, but the stories keep getting better. Somedays I finish by 1pm, others I’m pounding the keys at 11pm, but I never miss that 3,000.
    I admit I let myself put an extra 40 pounds on over the last 5 years, but I’m working on it with rabbit food and other ‘healthy’ stuff. I hope you make your marathon. If I ever get below 182, I may give running a try. Currently, my knees wouldn’t take the strain. ?

  • Dave Raines

    Good for you for getting back into running, and good for you, knowing when to be a little cautious. I returned to judo last year for the first time in 40 years, and was just rounding into something approaching shape when I tore my Achilles tendon making an easy rolling fall. You don’t want that. But I’m sorry that the weather’s not cooperating with you.

    (And I took it slow when I started and did all the proper warmups that night. Should have been a piece of cake… )

  • Desikan

    You are an inspiration not just on writing but also on keeping one’s health and fitness. Every time I see your post on running, I feel energized. It becomes tough managing time with the day job, family, chores and scraping some moments for writing that fitness takes a back seat. I am going to chalk in some fitness goals in my schedule. Thanks for this.