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New Workshops Are Up

Well, One Is New…

I have the new Making Money with Your Writing workshop now up on Teachable and starting in October. It is in the lifetime subscription as well.

And I put up three classic workshops as well. Writing Romance, Information Flow, and Endings Workshops.

Since the half-price sale is going on, I wanted to make sure they were available.

Also the four new Pop-Ups are up. For those of you who supported the Return of Boss (actually you still can at Late Pledges which gets all the stretch rewards as well) you will be getting codes for those four Pop-ups later this week. And codes for all the books as well. So no need to buy those on the sale unless you didn’t support the Return of Boss Kickstarter campaign.

To get to information about the half-price sale, click here.

Even lifetime subscriptions and all the classes are available in the sale.


One side point. I have nothing at all against audio books. I think I said that. I just think you are asking for trouble when you try an audio Kickstarter campaign is all. And I do not think audio books are worth the time and costs to produce for the amount of money they return, even over a long period of time.

So if you are going to do audio books, or try an audio book Kickstarter campaign, just be aware is all.