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Update on My 70 in 70 Challenge

Got a Shot at Making It!!!

Not kidding. I might very well actually publish 70 major books in my 70th year on the planet. Kris and everyone at WMG Publishing is super supportive of this crazy idea, and have been from the start last November. And amazingly I have not forgotten the challenge, sort of just kept at it.

At the moment I have 52 books published this year so far with 2.5 months left to go. (I consider major books as any book with my name on the cover. Novel, novella, collection, or anthology where I edited it. I also considered an omnibus a major book but am not doing any of those this year.)

I just turned in Pulphouse #14 which will be out in October. Smith’s #53 is turned in (September Issue) and am working on October and November issues. Counting one of the books in the issues that will be published new this year, that takes me to 57 books.

I have six Pulphouse anthologies to finish putting together and do the introductions. Those will be out by the end of September as promised to get to readers who supported the last Pulphouse Subscription Drive.

That takes me to 63 books.

In my original plan I had ten Pulphouse Anthologies and 10 personal collections. So far I have done two Pulphouse Collections and after the six this month I will end up at eight. I doubt I will do more between now and the middle of November.

I have already done two personal collections, so I have eight more planned. But I only need to do 7 to get to 70 books published. (Collections are easy and I left the easiest to the last.)

In the middle of November, no matter how many I hit, I will post every book in the challenge so you can see them.

So not only am I doing a monthly full magazine with only my work in it, and have been now for 53 issues, I will publish in one year more major books than most writers ever publish in a lifetime.

Yeah, I am proud of that.

By the way, in the year I will also have published just under 60 short stories as well. Stand alone, not in collections.

And I am 70 years old. Just saying.