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Just Went Past the Third Stretch Goal…

Funded in less than an hour and hit the first stretch goal in less than 12 hours and since has hit two more stretch goals, which means that everyone backing the campaign at $25 and up not only gets the entire 39 story Holiday Spectacular calendar (with original stories by over thirty professional writers), plus three other stories and two writing workshops.

And this one we have 10 days left. Fantastic!. So with luck, we’ll finally get the fun holiday calendar of stories to a place we have been hoping it would get to for the last three years.

Again, the Holiday Spectacular calendar is like an Advent Calendar for fiction. 39 stories this year, one delivered every day from Thanksgiving (November 24th through January 1st.) Over thirty professional writers wrote for it. Hugo Award winning editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch did all the editing.

Talk about fun and some fantastic reading.

And in the campaign are two special workshops on the topics of two of the anthologies Kris will be editing for next year, so the third assignment is to write a story for Kris for the Holiday Spectacular 2023. Only place those workshops will ever be available is through the Kickstarter Campaign. Don’t miss them. One is how to write Hardboiled Mystery Holiday Story and the other is how to write surprises in stories without cheating.

Take a look at the campaign right here.

And below is a short, fun YouTube video about it.