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Two Days Left On the Workshop Sale

Clock Ticking Down!!

Everything on WMG Teachable is half price at this moment and will be for two more days.

To see all of the over 200 classes, pop-ups, challenges, workshops, study-alongs, collection classes, lectures, and lifetime subscriptions we have available at half price, go to:

WMG Teachable and hit see all.

Then anything you want, hit purchase and put in the code on the next page


And hit apply and you will get it for half price.

To see suggested


go to Workshop Curriculum on the right of this page and hit the link.

Here is a sample of what Kris and I consider the order for the workshops to study craft.


1… Depth
2… Advanced Depth (Depth required)
3… Writing into the Dark (Depth required)
4… Teams (Depth suggested to help)
5… Killing the Critical Voice
6… Research (Depth #3) (Depth required)
7… Information Flow (Classic workshop…Depth suggested)
8… Endings (classic workshop)
9… Writing with Speed (Depth required)
10… Pacing (Classic workshop)
11… Writing with Emotion
12… How to Use Tags in Fiction Writing (Classic Workshop. Depth required)
13… How to Study (Classic Workshop)
14… Secondary Plot Lines (Classic Workshop)
15… Advanced Character and Dialogue (Classic Workshop)
16… Point of View (Classic Workshop. Depth suggested)
17… Author Voice (Classic Workshop. Depth suggested strongly, as well as Advanced Depth)
18… Cliffhanger (Classic workshop)
19… Plotting with Depth (Classic Workshop. Depth required)
20… Novel Structure (Classic Workshop)
21… Power Words (Very advanced)

There is a lot more on that Curriculum page for craft, business, attitude, and others, including how the different Pop-Up classes fit.

And for fun, go check out our new web page for these workshops that is under construction. It’s going to be nifty when done.

Remember, only two days left on the sale.


  • Mihnea+Manduteanu

    Any updates on the challenge / Patreon stuff?
    Also, are uou still planning to publish the stories of the month in separate books? I think initially you said Stories from January would be published in March or something.

    • dwsmith

      Been stupidly busy, but finally almost through that, so will get more stories on Patreon and get the first book together. Just life happened.