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Workshops Half Price Until Sunday Evening…

This is my fault and I hope it helps some of you. I have three workshops I had intended to move to Classic status before the sale ended, but since it was going to end today, and I wasn’t going to get to moving the workshops to classic until late today, three or four people asked and I just moved the end of the sale back until Sunday evening.

The three formally regular workshops that will be classic workshops are Attitude, Secrets, and Publishing 101. So watch for those tomorrow afternoon or evening and grab them for half off.

To get anything on WMG Teachable at half price, simple go to Teachable, find what you would like and hit purchase, then on the next page put in the code:


and hit apply and you will have it for half price.

That includes everything from Study Along classes to Pop-Ups to Lifetime Subscriptions to Collection classes to lectures and all workshops. Everything on WMG Teachable.