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Two Special Workshop Codes Are Out…

Might be the fastest turn of special workshops since the Kickstarter just ended a little over a week ago. But they are all out. So those of you who signed up through the Kickstarter campaign (the only way), you should have the links and codes to get into them. They start today (Tuesday) or May 3rd.

Check your spam filters since there are links in the email and that will often drive an email to a spam filter. If you still did not get it, write me and Josh and I will figure out what went wrong.

POP-UP free World Building classes from the Kickstarter will not be out for two or three weeks. I will warn you when those are going out.

Only three more days on the SpringSale to get everything on Teachable at half price. I will not have time to get the new classic workshops up until after the sale, so to get those at half price, buy the three classic workshop credits at half price. The new classic workshops will include Secrets and Attitude and another I can’t remember off the top of my head.

It is the middle of April and I can tell we are already heading into an intense “Time of Great Forgetting.” You want help on that, grab the Motivational Monday posts. I will be talking about that there regularly. But of course, writers who get lost in the “Time of Great Forgetting” never realize they are dropping into it until it is July.

On a fun note….

The picture below is of two old friends that I got to spend time with at Writers of the Future. Gregory Benford (right) and Robert Sawyer. Known them both for over 35 years. The conversations with them were wonderful and far ranging. Fun.


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