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Twelve Hours And Doing Great!!

Seeders Kickstarter Campaign… Already Into Stretch Goals…

Actually, we funded in about 40 minutes and hit the first stretch goal very quickly after that. Then we hit the next one this evening.

The second one has not only a book as part of the reward for hitting the goal, but the first of ten possible Pop-Up classes on World Building in Science Fiction. Each Pop-Up is worth $150.00.

So in case you want to take a look and help us pass the word to get as many of these Pop-Up Classes as we can, go to RESCUE TWO SEEDERS UNIVERSE KICKSTARTER.

Here are the ten World Building Pop-Ups that if we get enough backers will be given out to each backer. (Already hit the first one. These are all craft classes.)

— World Building Inside Our Solar System

— World Building Inside Our Local Galaxy Sector (Like Star Trek)

— World Building Inside Our Full Galaxy

— World Building On A Colony Planet

— World Building In Near Future Science Fiction

— World Building In Far Future Science Fiction

— World Building In Historical Science Fiction

— World Building In Alternate Worlds Science Fiction

— World Building Inside Spaceships

— World Building Inside Generation Ships

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