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Trying To Decide About #50

A Very Fun Problem…

Now that I have relaunched Smith’s Monthly and have three issues out so far, I am starting to face a problem that when I started this crazy magazine seemed very far off. What am I going to do with Issue #50? Something special or nothing at all?

That’s right, with the June 2021 issue, I will have published 50 issues of Smith’s Monthly. All with my own work completely in it. A magazine between 50,000 and 70,000 words per month. It will have held 50 novels, over 220 short stories, and a ton of other nonfiction stuff.

As I said, a very fun problem. Part of me is thinking of doing just a short fiction issue, the first one, but I like the regular format so much, I keep backing away from that.

I also need, now that I am convinced this is going forward, to restructure my Patreon page and revamp the Smith’s Monthly web site. Sometime between now and the 50th issue.

So I realized tonight as I was looking at starting to put Issue #49 together, that the massive goal of 50 issues was next. Got a hunch I’ll just go right on past it, which is the tendency of monthly magazines. Months go by very quickly. (grin) The introduction in the magazine will celebrate it.

Here are the issues since the restart that are out now. You can buy them anywhere or subscribe at Smith’s Monthly web site.



  • Jennifer

    That’s amazing, Dean! Don’t know if youhave this already, but what about adding an index of all 50 issues’ worth of stories? It would be pretty amazing to see everything you’ve done collected in one place.