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Crowdfunding Your Fiction

Kickstarter Best Practices for Fiction Writers…

If you are a writer and have even given one thought to doing a Kickstarter campaign, you need this book. This book will become the bible for fiction Kickstarters. Done by Loren L. Coleman, who has done small campaigns and million dollar campaigns, he puts all the details together.

This book will not only tell you how to run a successful campaign and make a bunch of money, but also will keep you from making some really silly blunders.

He is launching this book as a Kickstarter. Duh. You can get the book for $2.00 electronic. No reason to not have it. Plus he has some other fun stuff.

Crowdfunding Your Fiction. Grab it!!



In fact, we might hit it before I get up in the morning. And that means if we do hit it, everyone who has backed this reward will get THE DEVIL’S CHURN by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. This is an amazing fantasy novel published before The Fey and set on the Oregon Coast. You won’t be able to put it down, trust me.

A everyone also gets another brand new Pop-Up writing class called THE BORN ON PAGE ONE PROBLEM. This Pop-Up is a $150 value, bringing the total of writing class value up to $750, just for backing this campaign.

And don’t forget there is a special three-week workshop on WRITING EPIC FANTASY only available through this campaign. Nowhere else.

Plus, on the writing and reading side, we might have the best class we have done so far called LESSONS FROM THE WRITING OF THE FEY. It is a book written by Kris, plus a video by Kris about every chapter, plus five or six more videos that Kris and I will put together with every chapter talking about the writing and publishing aspects of what happened. Interesting for both readers and writers.

And since we have two full weeks left, I will be putting up in the next day or so more stretch rewards with more great rewards for all backers. So keep passing the word about the campaign.

The Return of The Fey Kickstarter Campaign


    • dwsmith

      It already is. Just that most fiction writers are afraid of it or don’t know about it. But for those of us who do, it has been a game changer for us for years.

  • Amy

    Just trying to get my head around why Kickstarters would attract extra money for relatively unknown writers who don’t have lots of exciting rewards to offer – maybe just an ebook. That is, why is it better than just putting your new book up on Amazon, etc.?

    Is it because more people will spend money on it because they’re getting a ‘free gift’ as well?

    Is it because there aren’t many book projects up yet on Kickstarter so that any book stands out more than it would in an online bookstore?

    • dwsmith

      Amy, it is not either/or. This is just another market. Another place to sell stories. Just as Patreon helps writers as well with their writing. You can put your book up first on a campaign, then onto Amazon and Kobo and the rest of the world.

      Get on the Best Practices for Kickstarter on Teachable. It is free, and look at some of the smaller campaigns with writers building a fan base. This is one way to slowly grow a fan base. And you need Loren’s book if you really want to try one.

      There are a ton of factors involved. One factor is how many followers do you have on your web site and on Facebook and Twitter. If the answer is not many, then you might want to wait to start one. If the answer is total maybe 500, then start a small one and keep your ask low unless you have friends who will help you promote. Many campaigns fund with only 15-20 backers if you kept your ask low.

      Brandon Sanderson, with a huge following and fans, offered a hardback signed volume of a ten-year-old book (not even a new one) and made over three million. My wife Kris just offered a brand new novella in a twenty year old series that were were not sure anyone remembered and it is doing really well, partially because she has a great following and I have a great following, but also because there are a lot of Fey fans out there, plus we do a lot of teaching and can help writers with stretch rewards.

      But study the smaller ones that are listed in Best Practices. (Asking for help with an audio book almost never works for anyone, sadly.) And as a newer writer, you must have the book or books done.

      And there are a billion more reasons writers need to add Kickstarter into their marketing plans.

  • Rob Cornell

    I’m pretty sure I’m sold on trying a Kickstarter myself. Never would have believed it a few years ago. I think I have the perfect project in mind. Guess we’ll see if I can put all the pieces together.