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The Fey Returns Kickstarter

Doing Great!!

In fact, we are gaining on the 6th stretch reward. The Fey Novella Kickstarter.

When we hit that, it will mean that readers get seven extra books counting the new Fey Novella, and five brand new Pop-Up classes for writers, each worth $150.00.  In fact, next week Kris and I will start recording all those new Pop-Ups. And we are hoping to have to record more than five.

And we are hoping to reach stretch rewards we haven’t put up yet. And if we go high enough, Kris has promised to write a second brand new Fey novella and give it to everyone. So please keep passing the word.

Also, remember, you can get the first seven books of The Fey in either electronic edition or trade paper edition. You want some amazing reading, grab those first seven and get ready for the new novels coming. You can add them onto any workshop listed there.

Go to The Return of the Fey Kickstarter campaign and check it out.