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So Much Business is Timing…

Kris and I earlier were out for a walk (doing all the correct social distancing things, honest.) We can walk in downtown Las Vegas and not get close to anyone because this town is a ghost town, for the most part. Even the major casinos on The Strip are shut or shutting down.

We are also supporting our local small restaurants where we can. Tonight, we walked to a restaurant that we love that had only been open for a month. We were the only two in there, plus one guy in a corner working on a computer.

So real social distancing there. Never got close to anyone. Mostly the few staff were working on take-out orders and cleaning and looking depressed. Them starting up and then having this happen is just ugly timing.

The timing of this event could not be predicted by anyone beyond a few months ago. So many businesses are going to be lost, so many people’s dreams gone, not counting all the loss of life that is coming, and each person that dies has a family whose dreams and. lives will be shattered by this as well.

Of course, Kris and I have a business as well, with employees who have families. All of them are working from home, of course, because we can. And since we are in Las Vegas and they are on the Oregon Coast, we don’t see them or get near them.

And, on top of that, we are in a business that tends to survive and actually thrive in these kinds of downturns, once the initial shock wears off. People buy books when they can’t afford to go to movies.

Or can’t leave their homes.

Basically our job is to sell cheap entertainment and with our workshops help people learn and follow dreams. Books can be read at home and workshops can be taken from home. So unlike so many, from just a business perspective, we will be fine. (Again, once the shock of this happening wears off.)

We just hope all our friends and all of you out there will be safe and healthy. So follow the social distancing rules to flatten the impact on the hospitals and help others where you can. Especially the small businesses.

My suggestions:

— Stop hoarding.

— Order from small businesses and restaurants online.

— And don’t go out much at all unless you are in a situation like we are where there are few people to even take a chance of getting close to.

— Buy those books you have always wanted to read, but just never had the time to get around to.

— And writers, write. Escape the real world into the writing. Right now most made up worlds will be a better place to be.

This is what is called a Black Swan event. We will get through it, but the world will be changed on the other side. And sadly, a lot of people will die.

Do what you can to help in different ways. And most importantly, stay safe.


  • Kate Pavelle

    True words and a realistic perspective. As I am herding the financial cats right now, with my college-age daughter at home, I suggested that instead of looking for a retail job and getting exposed, she could establish a presence as a vocal coach. We talk about platforms, course structures, and entertaining people who are stuck and bored and in her position. This can be constructive.

    Also, for those of you with yards, who else is putting in a little victory garden? I expect supply chain disruption on produce and that’s an easy fix even with container gardening. Look on YouTube for good tutorials… and you can have bags of soil, seed, etc. delivered. Gardening is a good change of pace from writing, and the constructive results of your own, organic baby lettuce and herbs will show in less than a month. (Yes, you can speed it up with an improvised “greenhouse.” There are ways.)
    And think of it as writing research 😉

  • Britt Malka

    Stay safe.

    As of today, we’re not allowed to leave home unless it’s important to go out. We can get groceries, that’s it. It’s forbidden to go to the park, the beach… Hotels, restaurants are closed her.

    I don’t know what I’ll do with my dog tomorrow. She cannot do her business other than in the park nearby. Maybe I’ll sneak in anyway. I don’t know. It’s against the purpose to wander the parking lot for hours.

    But otherwise, we’re extremely lucky to work from home.