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Main April Workshops Up!

Just In Time For Final Hours of the March Sadness Special

I have the April regular workshops up and listed. At least the ones I am sure will be done in April. I might add a couple more later and maybe a new workshop Kris and I have been talking about.

But for now, the April workshops available are:

#31… Endings

#34… Speed

#35… Teams in Writing

#36… Depth in Writing (Start with this course if new here)

#39… Information Flow

Those are available for a few hours in the Special.

REMEMBER!! Special ends exactly at 5 pm today West Coast Time.

And I have shut off Collaboration Class. It filled and I will be contacting everyone in there through Kickstarter (so make sure you have not opted out of email) next week.

Stay Safe!


  • Lori Sutton

    No Romance? I was so hoping to sign up for that one! Thanks for giving us such a gift. I have signed up for a classic I wanted to take this year. Always an eye opener for me. We appreciate all the guidance you and Kris provide. Gained so much in the Depth class (kicks herself for not taking it sooner). Thanks a bunch Dean.

  • Lori Sutton

    Sorry to hear no one was taking it. I want to but unable to do it until now, life in the way. I’ll wait for it. Thanks again Dean for all you do.

  • James

    After Depth in Writing, Advanced Depth, and Plotting with Depth, what would be your recommendation for the next class to take?