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New Pop-Up Available

Pop-Up #19… How Can Your Business Survive the Downturn?

Kris in upcoming blogs talks about the Black Swan event we are all going through right now. And we put together this Pop-Up to help as well. Step-by-step things you need to think about and maybe act on or maybe not.

But at least with this you will not be flying into the dark so much because Kris and I have made it through three major black swan events with businesses before this one.

So might be worth your time, folks.


Until yesterday the only Pop-Ups you could get were the last couple or buy the earlier ones in discount bundles. And all the short story assignments were no long turn-in assignments.

That is changing. So far I have brought the first five back and the story prompts have no deadlines to them at all. You can also still get all Pop-Ups in discount bundles, but now you can also buy them one-by-one.

I will have #6 through #16 moved back to live over the next week. Takes time. But first five are back now, plus #17, 18, 19.


As many things over the last week of craziness, the Cave Creek Kickstarter campaign, that had started off with such speed, flat hit a wall. No surprise.

But wanted to tell you all that there is still nine days left and more than enough time to get the kickstarter up to some pretty good stretch rewards for both readers and writers.

In fact, we are just over $300 from hitting our first stretch goal.

So if you can, give the Cave Creek Kickstarter a look. Great discounts there on workshops and reading. And if you buy a single workshop at the discounted price of $250 on the Kickstarter, that is worth $300 in credit and thus you could get two Pop-Ups at $150 each.

Plus don’t forget the only place to sign up for the How to Write a Historical Short Story is through the Kickstarter campaign.

And a great deal on the Lifetime Workshop subscription as well, and if you pledge for it on Teachable, I will start it for you at once so you can use it in the next few weeks while we are all stuck in our houses.

Check it out Here…