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Thinking of Dictating?

Kevin J Anderson can show you how it is done.

On Kevin’s Dan Shamble Kickstarter campaign, he has the raw audio files of the entire new book he dictated, untouched. If you ever thought of wanting to dictate fiction, listen to how Kevin does it.

The entire raw file at the $100 reward level.

No professional author who dictates ever lets anyone see their raw file. This is the chance to get one for his new book and learn from the entire raw file, first word to last. Plus you get a copy of the ebook to compare it to.

ONE MAJOR PROBLEM… Kickstarter campaign only has 44 hours left and this chance will be gone.

Don’t miss this chance if you ever thought you might want to dictate a novel instead of type it. You will never, ever get this chance again.

Just go to and search for Double Booked A New Dan Shamble Zombie PI novel.

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