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Secrets Going Classic

Secrets of Craft Workshop….

Going to classic.

That’s right, we only offerer it once, but the class turned out to not be what Kris and I were hoping, so in this next week I will move it to Classic status, as well as a couple others I have been meaning to do. So before the sale is over, there will be new Classic Workshops. Stay Tuned!

Remember, if you want to get anything on Teachable at half price, including the new Lifetime Subscription to All Pop-Ups, just find the class and hit Purchase and then put in the code


and hit apply and you will get the class for half price.

Also all challenges are half price as well and you can start them at any time.

A side note… All March regular workshop assignments are done and all April workshops have been started. Got everything done tonight for a change.


      • Danny Kerry

        Hi Dean, Does that mean that it won’t be offered as online/regular workshop this month? No feedback on the assignments etc? If you are still offering it this month, I will sign up now. If not, I will catch it as a classic.


  • Emilia

    I’m finding the Secrets of Craft Workshop to be helpful for awareness, so I’d recommend it and doign the assigments for yourself.

  • Linda+Maye+Adams

    That’s a shame. I’ve been taking it on the lifetime subscription. Two of the lessons are taking me a bit of a while because they’re quite a bit more challenging for me than I expected. But I’m enjoying it and have been getting something out of it.

  • Balázs

    I took the secrets workshop and I didn’t regret it. It was good and helpful. It highlighted some problems I have with my writing. And the assignments were pretty clever, however, I missed two deadlines (I did them later on). And thanks the sale again, I took a few other classes. They just never ends, sigh… 😉

  • Cora

    I have also gotten a lot out of Secrets. It’s really helped me pinpoint some areas I need to work on that had kind of snuck under my critical voice radar. My awareness is a lot better for taking it.