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The Workshops in the Fey Kickstarter

And Great Reading!!

Yes, there is an amazing amount of great reading in the Brand New Fey Book Kickstarter campaign. We have already hit the fourth stretch goal, which means that every backer of any reward not only gets the first new Fey novel in 22 years, THE KIRILLI MATTER, but also four of Kris’s stories. And you can get all of the Fey original books in brand new editions with the fantastic covers. And more!

But also in the Brand New Fey Book Kickstarter campaign, there are some great workshops.

Just backing the campaign at any level, you get three months so far of the Motivational Monday videos. (And those of you who are already taking it and back the campaign, we will give you the same amount of credit for the number of stretch goals we reach. So right now if you took the first quarter of Motivational Monday, and backed the campaign, you will get $150 in Teachable credit.)

Two Special Workshops

As we do with most campaigns, we want to offer two very special workshops, taught by Kris and Dean that you can only sign up for here.

They will not be offered anywhere else but Kickstarter.


Three weeks long, and you have the choice of starting either October 4th or November 1st.

This is completely focused on how to create and write magic systems at all lengths, from epic fantasy short stories to major series like The Fey. If you have an interest in ever writing fantasy that involves magic of any kind, this is a workshop you will need.


In other words, how to break the rules and make it work.

Three weeks long, and you have the choice of starting either October 4th or November 1st.

Steampunk is an offshoot of fantasy, sort of. It has a very distinct feel to it that readers love. Combining Steampunk with Fantasy can often be full of problems. This workshop will help you lay out what Steampunk is, how to write it, and how to combine it with other areas of fantasy.


You can get both special workshops under the $250 Reward level for a discounted price. They are three weeks long, take one the first month, the second the second month.


Major Writing Class Around the Fey

This is a Major Writing Class built around LESSONS FROM THE WRITING OF THE FEY.

(This was offered in the last Fey Kickstarter, but has not been finished yet. It will start on November 1st for those who got it in the first campaign and anyone who gets it now. So if you got it in the first Fey Kickstarter, don’t get it again here.)

This will include the book, LESSONS FROM THE WRITING OF THE FEY, in electronic edition, the videos that Kris did about each chapter in the book. (The videos alone are a $100 value on Teachable.)

Then there will be four or five writing videos about the writing and publishing lessons from each chapter of the book and how you would apply them in 2022 indie publishing.

So there are ten chapters, there are ten Kris videos, plus at least another 40 more videos recorded by Dean, but designed by Kris on the writing and publishing lessons she learned over the 25 years of The Fey.

In other words, this is a huge, major workshop on publishing and writing.

This will remain open for a few years and will be $300 regular price on Teachable. Dean and Kris will add to it at times as more lessons come up. It is $250 here.

(This is a special class and will not be included in the Lifetime Workshop Subscriptions.)

Other Classes and Workshops and Subscriptions at Half Price

We have also put in some rewards that give you workshops, or classic workshops, or lectures, or Lifetime Subscriptions, all at half price.

But honestly, the two special workshops in this campaign are very special and are going to be fun. We have not covered anything like either one of them before and you only have 7 days left to sign up for them.

Brand New Fey Book Kickstarter campaign.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


  • Suzan Harden

    Is there a way to get the Magic Systems Workshop and the original seven e-books with the Kris-approved editing and new covers? Can I add the extra money to the workshop pledge and send you a note through Kickstarter?


    • dwsmith

      Just add the extra money and then when you get the survey after everything is over, you will be asked what the extra money is for and you tell Josh then. So no problem at all.

      Also when you check out, it might be an add-on there to do it there, but if not, just add the extra.

      Thanks for the support. Great books. And that magic system workshop will be a good one. Kris and I have been working on it.