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Got Closer to Buffet Challenge

Took My New iPad to a Buffet…

Sort of a test run. Didn’t plan on doing any writing, just mostly setting up a bunch of programs on my iPad, including Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Got interesting, to say the least, but 90% there. Only killed the only email I have left twice, but managed to save it both times. Yikes…

Even set up a word doc that I can use sort of for a template. And wrote the start of a story.

The first line of the story is…

“The 1950s called and they want their food back.”

Yup, the buffet I was in was that bad. And I like 1950s food sometimes.

This was at the Main Street Station, a stunningly beautiful buffet. I used to really like it before the pandemic, but something broke (besides my tastes) during the pandemic. The buffet itself was half the size it had been, a couple trays of deserts instead of a full island. and it cost $25.00 or so total where it used to be cheap.

Luckily we are moving the in-person workshops out of downtown so no one will be tempted to try that place. (Stay tuned for that announcement.)

But it was a good place to work on my iPad and in 90 minutes I even saw one waitress come close. I was hungry when I got home.

I will go back when I start the official project and the book to do an article and a story. But it is a ways down the list now.

But I like that first line. Might actually use it.




  • Annie Reed

    Yikes! I used to like that place. The price was reasonable, and yeah, a lot of the food was typical generic buffet food, but it was good food. Definitely not worth the cost now. That’s too bad.

    I’d keep that opening line. The story could go anywhere with an opening like that.

  • Nathan Haines

    That’s pretty good!

    There’s a great Asian buffet nearby that I went to 3 years ago (thanks, Google Maps Timeline!) for a birthday party and went to this week, and it was closed due to a leaky water pipe. I went to a sushi place across the street and had an amazing bento box lunch that was in no way as stingy as I expected. Here’s a tip, people: any place that can make a lovely California roll is probably a great sushi place. I’m going to go back for actual sushi.

    In the meantime, I’m still looking forward to the buffet place because it was suprisingly great when a friend invited me for her kid’s birthday. There’s plenty of potential.

    And next time in Vegas I’m going to hit a few buffets, so the sooner you get started the better!