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Fey Kickstarter Funded!

In Just Slightly Over One Hour…

Doing great! And almost to the first stretch goal in the first couple of hours.

Starting with the second stretch goal, we will be offering months of the Motivational Mondays classes. If you have been taking the classes on Teachable, we will be giving you credit on Teachable for as many as we hit in the campaign if you back the Kickstarter. So no worries there. If you backed the Kickstarter and we hit all the stretch goals, someone taking all the Motivational Monday classes will get $500 in credit. If you only took one quarter, you will get that in credit (if you backed the Kickstarter.)

And wow, take a look at the video Kris did for this one. Want to see Kris happy and smiling, this is the video to watch. Now that she has climbed over the ugly monster that the Fey had turned into because of traditional publishing, she is so happy to be writing on The Fey.



  • Aniket Gore

    The magic system workshop looks great. Backed it up. Also, the new novel, can this be read standalone from the previous 7 books?