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The Return of The Fey

Kickstarter Campaign….

Off to a great start on its first day, far more than any of us expected, which is great fun. In the first five hours we not only funded (39 minutes) but we blew through the first three stretch goals and are approaching the fourth. Wow, just wow.

Check it out at The Return of the Fey.

The first four stretch rewards not only gets everyone great books to read, but when we hit the fourth, that will give writers three brand new Pop-Up Classes Kris and I worked out around epic fantasy. That will be a $450 value.

And, of course, everyone at every award level gets the new Fey Novella in electronic form.

Tomorrow I will be adding more stretch rewards that will have more great books for readers and some more great rewards for writers. Watch for that tomorrow.

SPECIAL KICKSTARTER ONLY WORKSHOP is a good one this time. You can only get it through the campaign and will not be offered anywhere else.  It is called Writing Epic Fantasy and will be offered either April 6 or May 4th. It will be a three week workshop and Kris and I put it together. I learned a bunch when we did that.


We also have in this one what I think might be the most amazing thing Kris and I have offered writers before, and that is going some.

Kris will be writing seven or eight or more blog posts for her Patreon folks about the lessons she learned and the problems she had in writing THE FEY all those years ago. That will be put into a book called LESSONS FROM THE WRITING OF THE FEY.

Then for a small class on Teachable, she will record one video for each blog post. (You can get this at a discount on the campaign or add it onto other rewards.)

Then we will take Kris’s book of posts, and all her videos about the posts and she and I will add five or six videos about the writing lessons of each post. So upwards of 40 plus videos about the writing lessons from the Fey and why it has been twenty years since she wrote anything Fey related, even though the series is one of our top sellers. (This is a class, not a workshop, so not in any subscription I’m afraid.)

Don’t miss that one, folks. We will have it priced higher when it hits Teachable.


If you have not read the seven books of The Fey, this epic fantasy series will hold you, shock you in more ways than one, and trust me, you won’t want to put any of them down.  You can get all seven books of The Fey, which includes the first five books, plus the Black King and Black Queen saga. The books end. No worries there. But when you are done reading them, you will be like the rest of us and want more stories in the world of THE FEY.

And Kris is now back to the Fey and writing new stories after twenty years. On the campaign, you can get the WMG Publishing editions of the seven books, put out in 2013 after Kris got the rights reverted from Bantam. You can get them in electronic or trade paper editions. Maybe add them to a workshop or the big class.

So don’t miss this campaign, folks. And make sure you watch the video so you know exactly what Kris is up to.

Go to The Return of the Fey.

And just for fun, here is the video.


  • Mo

    Hi Dean, If I back at the US$ 250 level, so I also get the Special Writing Epic Fantasy Workshop in addition? Thanks again,

    • dwsmith

      No, afraid that is separate. If you back the Lessons from the Fey Class at $250, you also get the novella. You could add on the Special Workshop if you wanted. Or just take it at at $150.00. Hope that made sense. We don’t do the building on top of one another rewards. All are rewards are separate, but you can add numbers of them together.

  • Emilia Pulliainen

    I got excited when I first got an about The Return of The Fey Kickstarter coming up. Then I thought “I hope there’s a 3 week fantasy workshop. I’ll have to back the project at that level”.

    Then I saw Writing Epic Fantasy workshop and got even more excited and told my partner, and he said “Well, then you have to get it.”

    I immediately backed at the 150 level, because I can’t miss it.