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The Fey Kickstarter Campaign

Is Live!!

Folks, after almost twenty years, Kris is returning to The Fey and she needs your help. Watch her in the video and she explains it perfectly. She needs a deadline.

Just with the idea of doing this campaign, she has spent a number of hours each day going back over the big seven books of The Fey, starting to put the entire world back in her head after twenty years. No small task, let me tell you.

In the campaign there are some really cool things. Kris has already started a blog series that will go to her Patreon backers that will talk about all the ups and downs of The Fey and what happened and why it has been twenty years and so on. You can get all of those together in one book in the campaign. Then she is doing videos talking about each chapter in more detail. Then in a big class, Kris and I will work out five more videos on the topic of each post and that will be on Teachable, but you can get it now, ahead of time, on the campaign. The publishing and writing lessons are amazing from what happened.

We also have a special three-week workshop only available on this campaign that focuses on writing epic fantasy.

You can also get all seven books of The Fey in the campaign and five people can get the first five books of The Fey in the original Bantam paperbacks, each signed by Kris. And if you are really crazy, you can have Kris put you in the Fey novella as a hero or villain. Only two spots there.

And more. Every reward will get the Fey Novella that Kris will write. And that’s not to mention the stretch rewards if we fund.

So here is the link to get to the campaign. Take a look and watch Kris’s video.

Go to the campaign.