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The Final Buffet Project…

An Update!

Way back in the middle of last year, I planned on going to different buffets around Las Vegas, writing about the buffets and posting that here and writing on a book while there. I planned on hitting all the main ones.

Even bought myself a new iPad for the writing. Had it all set up, ready to go.

And I am still planning on doing the project. But in October I was hit with Optical Neuropathy in my only good eye, and went mostly blind for a short time. No reason for the swelling, and with most people it will go away in 2-6 months. No treatment.

Well, it is going away slowly and my vision is slowly returning. I am writing fiction at my big writing computer in my office where I can blow up the words, and yesterday, Kris helped me fire up my iPad because I thought I might need it today during a planned power outage.

I can almost see the print and the emails on the iPad. Total progress!! Maybe in another month after I get back from Superstars, I can fire back on the fun buffet project. Stay tuned.

Another Update: After my post yesterday, not one person wrote me interested in the In-Person workshops. At this rate, the May Romantic Suspense workshop will only be in Study Along, and that would be a bummer.

Update on this blog streak, I think this is day 3,840 without missing. Even with the eye issues. Onward.


  • Kate Pavelle

    Hi Dean! Well done on seeing letters on the iPad- I understand your excitement! I am also dealing with an eye issue. I thought I had a cataract in my good eye (seeing double, cars with 4 headlights looking like alien creatures type stuff, LOL) but got referred to a retina specialist instead. My “bad” eye has never learned to focus. The doctor said, “One eye speaks Spanish, the other one English, it’s too late to teach the brain to understand the eye.”
    I have this stubborn belief in the power of neuroplasticity even later in life. I started wearing an eye patch on my good eye for a short time twice a day. My lazy eye is responding. I am writing this with one eye closed – and I couldn’t have done that two weeks ago.
    My eye issues are different from yours, but I want you to know you’re not alone. Your stubborn streak feeds my stubborn streak, and I am getting my words in! Some of them are written with my lazy eye only.

    Should’ve done this years ago, but only the threat of losing my good eye spurred me into action.

  • Ed Teja

    The news about the new location for the in person workshops sounds terrific. Down the road I’d love to take one, but things have conspired to keep me restricted to doing them online for the time being.

    But the workshops I’ve done through teachable have been productive and helped me to make progress with my writing career. So I’m setting aside pennies and have set attending one as soon as possible as a goal.