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In-Person Workshops…

We Just Finished the First New One…

At Resorts World on the Strip in Vegas. Wow, was that something special. The hotel was about as perfect as it could get for a small workshop. Rooms were great and quiet, and the meeting room was perfect. Food was good, with a ton of options for everyone. And I do mean a ton. More restaurants in Resorts World and across the street than all of downtown Vegas.

So Resorts World is our new home. Cheaper, very quiet, and super nice.

But we have an issue. No one is signing up, or at least not enough to pay Resorts World and run a workshop.

So we have just cancelled the March Time Travel Romance in-person workshop. We need 12-15 people to be signed up ahead of time. Not happening. For that one we had four. However, we will still do the Study Along and the reading list for that will be posted in a day or so. And you can still sign up for the Study Along for the March Time Travel Romance workshop. Details at

The May ROMANTIC SUSPENSE In-Person workshop taught by Kris needs more sign-ups. It still has under ten, and again we need 12-15 before we dare book with Resorts World. So if you are interested in studying intense craft with Kris on the topic of Romantic Suspense, write me directly.

The cost of the In-Person class is $750 and you have to get here and pay your own room. We will have a block of rooms to help the price. The cost for May is about $110 per night plus tax and stuff. You would fly in on Sunday, the first class is Monday morning, last class Thursday morning so you fly out on Thursday afternoon. Four nights in the hotel and a lot of writing.

So we need help to make ROMANTIC SUSPENSE get off the ground in May. Pass the word. Details on and write me if you have never attended an in-person class. These are advanced and a lot of fun.

In the middle of July, Kris teaches another In-Person class called FANTASY THRILLER.  July 17-20th.

This one only needs one or two sign-ups and actually, only five more spots are available in this one. We do cap these so Kris can give a lot of attention to each writer. This one looks like it will go without a problem. Just need more sign-ups for the May class.

So we have a wonderful new home for the workshops in Resorts World. Now we hope enough of you are interested in taking them. Kris just loves teaching them.

And yes, there are Study Along workshops for both May and July available to sign up for now if you can’t make Vegas.



  • Marsha

    There’s been some confusion among the writer’s I’ve talked with about your vaccine policy. I would love to take the May workshop but cannot take the shots so will have to be content with Study Alongs. Can you spell out exactly what you require of attendees so we all know? Thanks.

    • dwsmith

      You must have full vaccines for Covid, including the most recent booster. This last workshop earlier this month, since it was winter and things were surging, we also had everyone keep on their masks while in the room, even though it was big enough to give the standard space between everyone.

      In other words, pretty basic precautions. The hotel has no requirements, but it is so large, you are never very close to anyone.

  • Fabien Delorme

    I’m really looking forward to the romantic suspense study along. That genre really intrigues me and I really want to give it a shot. Time travel romance might be cool too. Tons of cool workshops ahead!