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All Done Now…

Finished just as I lost an hour, vanished into some silly idea called “Annoying Savings Time.” I’ve been reading about time travel to different timelines now for a week, so that was kind of creepy. (grin)

I wanted ten stories per volume in the Cave Creek Anthologies of Past, Present, and Future. Ended up (since this is getting turned in tomorrow) with nine, nine, and eight stories per volume. That works great, actually. I was thinking I could write a few stories to fill the gaps, but now no time. Into the publishing chain they all go. Deadlines.

But there will be more Cave Creek volumes in the future. And a bunch more videos on Shared Worlds in the class.

Biggest lesson this second day is don’t change the rules of the Shared World. Or more likely, really understand the details of the shared world. Absolutely critical. I think I said that in some videos at one point, but there will be new videos on that topic alone coming up. (grin)

Also, get the feel of the shared world and try to imitate that feel. I wrote a short novel for all the writers to study. Some forgot the feel and took it literary or took it hardboiled. Uhh, nope. But mostly the ones that didn’t make it were just not following the simple rules of the shared world and how it worked.

But that said, I got 27 very, very different stories inside those rules. So for me it’s been great fun. And I think readers will really enjoy these books.

So thanks to all the writers who gave the shared world a try. Really appreciate it.