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And it has a $150 Pop-Up class in it as well, all part of the ten projects to help with your writing and publishing. Kris curated this and did a fantastic job. This one is worth grabbing, folks, and telling people about. You can get it at

And while you are at Storybundle, Kris and I both have books and one of our major collections in Celestial Sagas bundle put together by Robert Jeschonick. It is a great one.

So you can grab a bundle to help you with the writing and publishing and a bundle of great reading.

So here is Kris’s blog about the writing bundle.

The 2022 Write Stuff Bundle 

By Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The business of writing is constantly changing. One of the great parts of being alive in 2022 is all of the available tech that makes publishing and promoting your writing easier than it ever was before. Not only is there more tech, there’s also more places to publish, with some coming online daily, or so it seems.

Two things don’t change. Storytelling remains both an art and a craft. Writers can learn how to be great storytellers, but it takes a lot of practice and focus. The first part is to learn the craft; the second part is to trust that inner voice.

The other thing that doesn’t change in this modern world is the difficulties of living the writing life. Not because our profession is hard, but because we live inside our heads. And those heads are…well…filled with stories. We make things up, which is not the way to walk through the real world.

So in this StoryBundle, we’ve decided to address all of the above.

First, we have Lawrence Block’s wonderful memoir, A Writer Prepares. Lawrence Block has been a professional writer for sixty years. He knows the ups and downs of the profession. He also still works on the cutting edge. This book, for example, is self-published, which is something he’s done for more than ten years now.

Lawrence has forgotten more about how to survive as a writer than most of us will ever know.

To help with the life side of things, we have Christina F. York’s Do… Quit Your Day Job. Writers are terrified to take that leap. Chris did and documented her first two years, warts and all. Her work will inspire you and help you make the decision for yourself.

Then, we have books and an online workshop on craft, all with a focus on storytelling. Holly Lisle helps you create great characters (and gives an free look at her workshops). Michael Lucas debunks all sorts of writing myths. WMG Publishing’s online pop-up class (worth $150 all by itself) helps you write clean first drafts.

Not everyone wants to tell fiction stories. We’re aware of that, so we’ve brought in Johanna Rothman to help you tell great nonfiction stories.

Then there are books that answer the eternal question…Are you ready to publish? In this new world, you—the writer—gets to decide. And while most of us find that freeing, others worry about it. DeAnna Knippling puts those fears to rest.

Now that your fears have rested, you’ll want to publish. Mark Leslie, who has worked for Kobo and D2D as well as publishing his own works, will help you avoid all of the publishing pitfalls. My own book will help you start your writing business.

And then there’s the completely fun bonus book: Joanna Penn’s look at the new world of AI and the changing tech for writers. Joanna keeps her finger on the pulse of all that’s new and different. This book explores everything from AI writing to block chain.

So much here! So many ways to improve your writing, your publishing, and your outlook. Not to mention educating yourself on what’s coming in the future. You can get all of these books and workshops for as little as $20, but for a limited time only.

In addition, we’ve chosen a charity that helps people with disabilities join the online gaming community. The key word here is community, since so many people have become homebound. They need an outlet, and Able Gamers tailors gaming consoles and other equipment to individuals so that they can participate, make friends, and spend time with others, without leaving their homes.

So as you get all of this wisdom from the bundle, toss a few dollars at AbleGamers on the way out. We appreciate it! Kristine Kathryn Rusch

* * *

For StoryBundle, you decide what price you want to pay. For $5 (or more, if you’re feeling generous), you’ll get the basic bundle of four books in any ebook format—WORLDWIDE.

  • Domesticate Your Badgers by Michael W Lucas
  • Publishing Pitfalls for Authors by Mark Leslie Lefebvre
  • Writing Craft by DeAnna Knippling
  • A Freelancer’s Survival Guide to Starting Your Own Business by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

If you pay at least the bonus price of just $20, you get all four of the regular books, plus FIVE more books and an online lecture, for a total of 10 books and lectures. That includes two StoryBundle exclusives!

  • A Writer Prepares by Lawrence Block
  • Free Your Inner Nonfiction Writer by Johanna Rothman (StoryBundle Exclusive)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Virtual Worlds by Joanna Penn
  • Create a Character Clinic by Holly Lisle
  • ..Quit Your Day Job by Christina F. York (StoryBundle Exclusive)
  • The Pop-Up Series – Clean First Draft Writing by Dean Wesley Smith