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Another General Day

Some New Covers, Workshops Caught Up, Other Stuff…

Didn’t get a story done tonight, didn’t even start one. Just did other stuff.

Tomorrow back on a regular story per day again. Should be interesting to fire back up. I really miss not being regular at it. I think this is day #111 or so, and I think I have about 90 or so stories done. I’ll know more tomorrow as I finally start using my new tracking and filing system. But 90 sure isn’t bad and 21 is easy to make up. Should have that made up around August 1st. Maybe sooner if I get on a run.

So not much time tonight, since I got here late to do this blog, so here are four short stories that will be in Smith’s Monthly #60 and up on Patreon soon as well. I just used my short story template on all of them.

Note I said #60… Can’t believe I have done sixty issues of a 70,000 word monthly magazine. That’s nuts. Going for seventy or more.



  • Frank Theodat

    Well done, Dean. This is a fun challenge to watch! How are you tracking and filing everything? I’d love to know how you’re keeping stories organized for the challenge.

    • dwsmith

      As soon as I get it all worked out and tested, I will let you know. That is part of the problem right now.