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Thanks for the Responses

Both In the Comments and Email…

I just really think that block of notes, 700 note pages it seems, would be fun with the art from one of my Seeders’ novels on it.

Someone also sent me a place where you can bulk oder them. 100 of them minimum at a time. Can you imagine the shipping of that much solid paper? Yikes…

But the one place everyone found does them POD. Have not figure out that price yet, but will.


We got some Pulphouse Fiction Magazine products in today and Kris had me film her doing an “unboxing” of two of them. I guess that is a thing. Might even post it here at some point. Got one of the really cool pillows and also a couple of mouse pads. And in another package Kris got the softest sweatshirt I have ever felt. (Steph was right.) I will get one for myself after the temperature here drops under three figures.

So got to cut this short tonight because I have three short stories under deadline to write and taking time away from a new Thunder Mountain novel to do them. Plus other things.

So another short blog tonight. So to make up for a short blog, a cat picture from Promotion Central.  Cheeps and Gavin in their normal afternoon spot after a hard day of promotion. (Note: The building with the tower in the background is the Smith Center, where all the touring Broadway shows come to town. Kris and I both have season passes.)


  • Cheryl

    Looks like everything’s behind the curtain. I just created an account and am poking through the help section (which I could access after I verified my email). They expect you to have a storefront (which you do, of course) and there are instructions on integrating. They have base rates. You have prices in your own store (Etsy, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.). Customer pays you at your store ($30, whatever). Printify bills you and you pay them ($25, whatever). Net is your profit. Free unless you want “premium” Printify that comes with goodies you may or not care about.

  • Denise

    I found a gray box down the page a bit that says the cost is about $19.50, plus another $16.50 to ship. So you’d have to sell the thing for almost $50 (assuming you want the 35% margin Stephanie recommended in the Product class videos).